Crafty Goals for January 2015

Hello my friends!  I thought I will do a quick post on my crafty goals.  When I was researching blog planners,  I came across Blog Elevated.  On one of their worksheets, they had a place for Monthly Themes and Goals.  I have decided to incorporate this into my blog planning.  I finding that if I write out my goals and put them on display for people, I just might keep up with it since it's constantly in my face.  

Here are my theme and goals for January...

January Theme - Valentine's Day and Love 
*Theme projects will be posted on Theme Day Thursdays

January Goals - 

  1. Plan and create projects for February
  2. Select themes for February and March
  3. Start planning for Shopping your Stamp Stash.
  4. Create a post for Inspired by Pinterest
I would for to hear what your crafty goals.  Are you breaking them down as monthly goals that feed into your overall goals?  Leave your comments below!

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  1. I love the idea of incorporating your crafty goals! I love the idea of doing that and think I might need to scrap-lift it :)


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