#22 Spotted in the Pink By Design Community

Good Morning Everyone! I hope that you are enjoying your weekend so far.  My daughter and I are visiting my mom since my aunt came into town from New York.  I am going to miss crafting since I am finally getting back into my craft room.  Even though, I am not finish with trying to get some organization in my craft room, but my dining room was starting to look like a complete mess.  So, I had to move some things around so I can get back into my room and be comfortable.  

On to some good news!  I have been spotted in the Pink By Design Community.  Thank you, Sarah!  Have you been to the Pink By Design Community?  It's a great place to get some inspiration and to share your projects.  There are forum where we can discuss anything.  In case you haven't heard of Pink By Design, Sarah is going to be one of the new host for the My Craft Channel!  Sarah and her husband have their own line of stamps that consist of sentiments, images and background stamps.  You have to check them out here.

You can check out Sarah's blog --> here.


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