Stampin' Up! Haul

Hey crafters! Today I have a video showing some goodies I got from Stampin' Up! I have to put halt on my shopping because I have been spending too much lately.  I could not resist some of these goodies.


  1. Hehe...I didn't get to finish this video because my kids decided to start jumping off the furniture but I was giggling the whole time I was watching. My husband flipped when I did my taxes and he saw what I spent last year on SU. He just kept shaking his head saying, "you didn't make a spent every dollar you made" over and over and over again. I told him I didn't sign up to get rich, just to support my habit!! I didn't spend more than I made so I think I did pretty good! Anyway, I love that you recorded the excitment of opening a box. My kids and I are thrilled when the UPS guy stops! My husband says I am more excited when I see the brown truck pull up then when he gets home. I told him that if he starts bringing me paper I'll get excited for him!! TFS!


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