Planning Objectives - Tips

I am reading this book on writing; the author of the book has made some great suggestions on writing down your objectives for any given period of time.  I found his tips to be very useful and can apply to maintaining a blog, especially if you are as busy as me.

While his objective setting techniques apply to long range projects, there are some good points that he makes.  I have summarized some of his points:

  • Set both short term and long term objectives
  • You can set daily objectives.  In the paper crafting world, this can be: Monday - cut out images needed for this weeks projects; Tuesdays - prepare outline of projects to make for the upcoming week, etc.
  • Maintain a calendar for your long range projects, blocking out known appointments.
  • Keep your objectives where you can see them.  
I am working on my objectives now, starting with an outline I of the projects I want to create this week.  I hope that someone can use this tips to help maintain their blog postings.  Have a crafty day!


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