Love You Card

Well, I am still trying to organize my craft room after being back in my home for a week.  I got so frustrated today that I said I have to get this room done and stop working in the chaos.  So, when I get off from work tomorrow that is what I will be working on. I am in the middle of tearing up my boxes looking for my YourStory.  I think that the moving company never returned it, along with my office chair and Christmas tree.  I am not surprise since they delivered someone else plates to my house.  I told them about their error and has yet come to retrieve the plates. 

Any-who,  I created this card using my cricut imagine.  I made a simple card that easily express how I feel about how I feel about that special person.  I used the Best Friends cartridge for this project.  For this project, I decided to double layer the flowers and I added some twine for something extra.  I hope you enjoy.


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